Unity Brightens the Community


Problem-solving/citing campaign in a world of differences. Finding common ground without being afraid to disagree. Getting things done democratically and effectively. Building better solutions, not just bigger ones. Dealing with more difficulties and situation solutions for more complex than ever before. Learning to make NEW mistakes, not the same old ones.


Welcome to The Community Problems and Solutions, a learning space for community problem solutions worldwide. The users of this site made this instrument to democratically . It works on a wide variety of issues, from roads to establishments and the environment, from labor and economic development to crime and public safety and “comprehensive” community change. To all managers, organizers, supporters, investors, educators and trainers, evaluators, everyday citizens, and more, working in cities and rural communities around the globe to tackle important social problems and seize opportunities to promote change. From broken light Post to rough and bumpy roads. From poor waste management to illegal drug trafficking. We are here to DISCOVER your problems. We FIND WAYS to help. We FIX it, Because we CARE!



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